Pumkin Inc.

This game was created during the HüttenJam in cooperation with Enrica Loria, Stefan Reichenauer, Peter Oberrauner, Michael Klotzner and Stefan Putzinger.
The goal of the project was to turn the economic principle of the “tragedy of the commons” into a playable version. In the real world it manifests in many ways from over fishing to deforrestation and even spam email. You can try it out here.


This game is my first foray into VR. The player can teleport from portal to portal. The goal is to reach the other end of the level without being detected by the guard towers.

I implemented this game as part of the Virtual Reality VU as an example for the students to follow. It only uses Standard Unity Assets and primitive shapes. This was an interesting learning experience concerning VR on mobile devices. The main constraints being the rather slow processing on the phone paired with very limited input capabilities (the Google Cardboard only offers a single Button)


In this VR experience the user has to navigate a virtual maze and make it to the center to find a price. This is mostly a Demo for two technologies I implemented for the Virtual Reality VU.

Firstly we extended the Google Cardboard with positional tracking. This is achieved by attaching markers to the cardboard and re-purposing the tracking system of our drone space. The positional data is sent to the phone via wireless network.

Secondly I implemented simple redirected walking (sample Video). Here we decouple the virtual camera from the real world orientation and exploit weaknesses in human perception to move the player away from the tracking bounds without him/her noticing. This enables us to interact with virtual spaces that are actually bigger than the real tracking space.

Video coming soon!

Happy New Life

We (Rainer Angermann, Patrick Weiner, Anna Prem, Milena Spiegel, Lorenz Jäger) created this game during Global Game Jam 2015. The Theme was “What do we do now?”. We decided to make an adventure game that depicts the live of a drug addict. Unfortunately as it often is with game jam games we didn’t quite finish it (an entire room is missing) but we came very close to it. My contribution to the game were all the animations of the characters and the environment.


The Coffee Manager

This AR game was created as part of the Magellan Project to show off the technologies that were researched during the past year. The player has to control a virtual coffee machine that is placed on a marker. In order to gather the necessary ingredients the player has to beat several mini-games, each one showcasing a different technology. Once the player has all the inputs he has to set the parameters of the machine to match the demand for different coffee types by the customers. Furthermore the player has to make sure to dispose of the waste created by the machine.

Hardware-wise we require two mobile devices and also support See-through Head Mounted Displays (HMDs such as Epson BT-200). I was responsible for implementing the mini-games as well as the main game.

Video coming soon