DevDir – Gettin’ Juicy

Carrying on with our theme of “small things you don’t notice until they are not there”:
1. Inspired by a great talk about player movement at GDC I now modify gravity based on whether the player is in the upward or downward part of the jumping ark. Finally it doesn’t feel that floaty anymore! I tried generally modifying the gravity, but I would have never considered that much “cheating”.


I wrote a general purpose bouncyfier. Now things don’t simply appear on screen. This is one of those simple things nobody notices, but at least make me happy knowing they are there. Also, simple to add, unless you draw your GUI in the most stupid way possible, thus requiring a complete rewrite…


After the famous talk by Vlambeer everyone and their mother added screen shake to their game. Personally it got to a point for me where I was pretty fed up with it. After chromatic aberration it felt like a completely overdone effect for me. Nevertheless I wanted to add some weight to the player deaths. So I added it and I have to admit, I like it. I now understand how one might end up using it everywhere. I will have to show some restraint…

Next time we will be talking about writing your behaviours properly so you don’t have to rewrite them once you have more than one level and have a state machine up and running.