Neighbours back from Hell

This game is a remaster by THQ Nordic of an 2004 classic game by Jowood. I was contracted by  to help out towards the end of production for a three month stint. The bulk of the work has been done by the lovely people behind Farbworks (including some people that worked on the original)

My main contribution here were:

  • reimplementing the minigames that were found in the Gamecube version of the original game. This remaster was done in Unity whereas the original was written in a custom C++ engine. I did more than simply port the code, but we also tweaked the behaviour of some of the games i.e. adding full physics support to one of them.
  • I helped out with the UI (most notably the main and pause menu).
  • Handling localization and language switching.

It was a very valuable experience for me, because for the first time I got to work on a console game and everything that entails (though I never got to see the actual devkits…).
The reception of the game was also mindblowing to me. So far I’ve mostly worked on tiny projects. Suddenly I watched twitch streamers with 30k viewers play something that I’ve worked on.

You can buy the game for:
PC (Steam, Epic)