Shades of Play


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As part of the Designmonat Graz the SoP-Team (Stefan Putzinger, Matthias Rauch, Anna Prem, Christian Afonso, David Szammer, Lorenz Jäger) created the self titled game with a unique take on player input. The game takes place in a shopping mall and the goal of the player is to get various people to their respective shops while avoiding conflict among the people and to avoid obstacles.
The players interact with the world in the game via their shadows. Like in a shadow play, the players can create various shapes with their hands and entire body. These shapes are detected and recreated within the game. This enables the player to move and lift the characters within the game.

This requires special hardware setup consisting of a projector, a canvas and a webcam. The players are positioned between the projector and the canvas, thus causing them to cast shadows on the canvas. These shadows are detected using the webcam.




Image Credit: Matthias Rauch

Image Credits: Matthias Rauch