AR Fluid Simulation

This project was created for an exhibit at the SFG Zukunftstag. We utilize the video see-through capabilities of the HTC Vive Pro to enable users to pour virtual molten metal by interacting with real world props created by our partners at Wanker Industrial Design.

The users get to pull a real world chain that is connected to sensors. By pulling on the chain they tilt a melting pot full of liquid metal. A stick with a vive tracker attached turns into a virtual laddle that enables the users to interact with the fluid and pour it into a mold of the Grazer Uhrturm. Once the mold is full, the users get to place the cast model using a virtual magnet.

The challenge of this project was to have a realistic fluid simulation while maintaining a consistent high framerate as required for VR/AR projects.

As a fluid solver I use the fantastic Obi Fluid by Virtual Method. This is a CPU based solver that allows complex interactions with all objects in the scene and influencing other non-fluid physics objects.